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        I am an international student in SUNY Potsdam, and will graduate in this december. Now I am looking for a job as a web appllication programer.  My resume is posted in the below. If you think I am qualified for the postion in your company, please contact me! Thanks a lot!

                                                                                                                                              WU CAO

636 Barrington Dr,

Potsdam, NY 13676

Cell: (315) 705-5278


   To obtain a job as a web application programmer


 l             Expert programmer in Java programming languages

 l             Rich experience in JSP, Servlet, PHP, JavaScript, XML, MySQL, HTML, CSS

 l             Proficient in C++, Perl, RUBY, Flash, Actionscript, Server-side Includes.

 l             Being familiar with Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Junit, EL, JSTL.

 l             Great passion in programming and an amazing capacity of learning new technology rapidly


 l       PHP Project:     Royalmedia website and management side  2007


 l       JSP Project:      SUNY Potsdam Chinese Student Association Website  2006

     (  /)

     Data Searching Platform of Hunan Public Security Bureau  2005

     (It is used on intranet)

 l       ASP Project:     Academic Management System of Hunan University  2004

     ( )


l             Second-class Scholarship of Hunan University, 2004-2005

l             Second class award in Mathematics Modeling Competition of Hunan University

l             Third class award in Computer Programming Competition of Hunan University EDUCATION 

    Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, Hunan University, China   Fall 2002 to Spring 2006

 l             Final GPA: 3.4 (rank top 3 with in 30 students)

 l             Relevant Courses: C Language Programming, Data Structure & Algorithms College Mathematics,

    Discrete Mathematics, C++ Programming, Principles of Operating System, Database Principle & Design, Introduction to Software Engineering, Computer Network, Computer Graphics & Human    Computer Interaction, Java Programming Principles of Compiler Design, TCP/IP Network Technology

Masters of Science in IT, SUNY Potsdam  Fall 2006 to Present

 l             GPA: 3.96

 l             Teacher Assistant of Dr.Edward Schneider for Digital Studio 3, Spring 2007

 l             Relevant Courses: Computer Graphics, Scripting for Multimedia, Multimedia Production, Advanced    

   Web Page Development, Multiple game engines, Advanced Web Page Development

 Undergraduate Paper

 l             Research on Automated Text Classification Based on Neural Network

 Paper Published

l             Research on Auto Text Classification Model Based on PCA          (2006vol.29 Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications  


l            English

l            Mandarin 


l             Edward Song, IT Director, Royalmedia group

l             Dr. Edward Schneider, Associate Professor SUNY Potsdam        


l             Dr. Anthony Betrus. Associate Professor SUNY Potsdam




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